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I'm Alex, a freelance UI/UX and digital product designer.

I create thoughtful products and digital experiences for companies like   ­

I create thoughtful products and digital experiences for companies like   ­

Additionally, I facilitate design sprints and I'm a member of the jury at the CSS Design Awards.

Based in Munich.
Working with clients worldwide.

Striving to add value.

I'm a solution-oriented freelance designer with a track record in defining, designing, and developing complex digital products and user experiences. With a strong focus on delivery and outcome, I help my clients overcome design-related challenges and optimize the ROI in design. 

Are you looking for a partner who can support engaging customers with your platform and reaching business goals through data-informed design solutions, strategy, and DesignOps?

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I've worked for



User-centered Design

Contemporary and timeless design solutions

  • UI/UX Design
    Relaunch Design

  • CRO & LPO

  • User Research

  • Usability Testing

Products & Services

Design and strategy for your digital portfolio

  • Conceptual UI/UX

  • MVPs & Prototypes

  • Product Discovery

  • Product Vision

  • Growth Strategy & Innovation

Digital Branding

Systemic structuring of your brand

  • Design Systems

  • Styleguides

  • Creative Direction

  • Brand Development

  • Brand Strategy


Build better products, faster 

  • Design Sprints

  • Ad hoc Workshops

Featured projects



Exploring the future of behaviour analytics. 

In a nutshell

I worked with Hotjar in visualizing their new, engaging future product experience. The product vision was presented in form of a visiontype (vision + prototype), showcasing a set of user flows and collaborative cases within Hotjar and highlighting the most important interactions inside the tool. The product vision presented new forms of collecting, analyzing and understanding user behaviour, as well as a new way to report findings to stakeholders in order to gain their buy-in. Ultimately, the result of this project is currently being used at Hotjar as a “north star” to foster alignment across all teams, and serving as the foundation to work out the new, upcoming version of Hotjar.

What I did

  • Analyzed and audited current product

  • Run ideation sessions with stakeholders

  • Defined a desired future state (vision) 

  • Reworked IA, interaction models and patterns

  • Designed a whole new product concept

  • Created a prototype

  • Recorded explanatory videos of use cases 

Highlights / Results


VIU Eyewear

Boosting conversions by optimizing the user experience.

In a nutshell

I helped VIU Eyewear redesign their platform and develop their omnichannel marketing strategy. I helped identify and address issues in the user journey and I designed iteratively to optimize the user experience across all digital touchpoints. Additionally, I revamped the visual design to better match the brand character, and I updated their design system accordingly.

What I did

  • Worked closely with management to define and implement strategy across the organization

  • Redesigned the UI to better match the brand
  • Amended disparities in the design and delivered a consistent user experience across the platform

  • Designed iteratively for CVR optimization

  • Run qualitative & quantitative user testing

  • Tested and validated 3rd party services (eg. chat support, virtual try-on, automated emails)

  • Redesigned transactional flows (checkout + emails)

  • Mentored junior designers

Highlights / Results

  • +84% Omnichannel conversions

  • A well-performing platform that matches the brand character:
    VIU Website ↗︎



Transforming Europe's leading pet online shop from inside. 

In a nutshell

I joined Zooplus as their first UI/UX design expert, and during 3 years, I helped redesign the platform across all channels, leading its transition into what it is today. Among my key contributions were building a design system, establishing design processes and helping build/scale a product design team. I also took a leading role in advocating for the strategic value of design and fostering a design culture inside the organization. On the operational side of design, I analyzed page insights and user behaviour, conducted user research, and designed, tested and validated new alternatives, features and MVPs — for the website and for the apps.

What I did

  • Designed and built a design system

  • Worked iteratively to redesign the complete platform

  • Helped foster a design culture across Zooplus

  • Built and scaled a design team

  • Conducted CVR optimization

  • Run qualitative & quantitative user testing

  • Developed new features and functionalities

  • Designed MVPs and prototypes

  • Launched new shops, based on the new framework

  • Redesigned the mobile apps — transitioned from 34 apps with embedded web views into a single framework with a native mobile experience

Highlights / Results

  • +30% Y/Y growth rate (avg.)

  • Sales increase from 711M to 1.346M in 3 years

  • +25,5% Y/Y new customer acquisition (avg.)

  • 95% customer retention

  • +30% mobile conversion

  • App rating increase from 3.4 to 4.8 (of 5)

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