Freelancer, tech nerd, husband, dad of 3 boys.

For 15+ years, I have helped startups and industry leaders accelerate their growth and fulfill their business goals through design solutions and strategy.

Working at the intersection of digital product design, tech and online marketing, I have had the privilege of influencing international brands, websites and products used by millions of users.

Selected clients include Hotjar, VIU Eyewear, VKB, Bundesliga, FC Bayern München, Juventus,  Zooplus, Fazua, Bosch and M-net. 



UI/UX Design

Contemporary and user-oriented design solutions
  • Responsive Web Design

  • Mobile/Web Applications
  • Usability Testing

Digital Branding

Strategic structuring of your brand
  • Design Systems & Styleguides

  • Creative Direction

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Development

Products & Services

Conceptual design and strategy for your digital portfolio
  • Design Sprints

  • Product Vision

  • MVPs & Prototypes

  • Strategy


Optimization and growth-hacking of your platform
  • Digital/Omnichannel Strategy

  • Feature Development

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Marketing & Transactional Emails

I've worked for

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