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Audi Cup 2015 — revoutionizing the stadium visit.

The Audi Cup is a prestigious pre-season tournament that has become an integral part of European football. Four matches with top-flight international clubs on four consecutive days. Every two years. With FC Bayern and Audi as the hosts. In the Allianz Arena stadium in Munich. That’s the Audi Cup.




Audi Football


BTD Group
(acq. by Sportradar)


Design Lead
UI/UX Design
Art Direction


About the project

Having installed the new FC Bayern Munich Stadium Vision solution in the Allianz Arena, the club and its sponsor Audi challenged us with "digitalizing" the upcoming Audi Cup 2015. Soon it became clear that a mobile app was essential to provide the fans with the most advanced of the stadium visits.

The app we designed offered live match infos like player stats, line-ups and tactical formations, live streaming from different camera angles and replay on demand. Likewise, the experience conceived for the fans included sponsored games with giveaways, ability to share pictures and comments directly to a social wall installed in the stadium, interactive venue infos and real-time infos on traffic flow and parking situation in the multi-storey car park. Additionally, the iOs version was designed to support the freshly released Apple Watch Series 1.

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From left: news feed, article page, game overview page


Match stats — from left: player comparison, heatmap, team stats


Apple watch screen examples — from left: match schedule, parking info, parking fill level detail 


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